Saturday - May 18, 2024

Zsa Zsa Zsu of Love

the love

The weather is growing warmer each day.  But there is nothing to worry about. Love has just filled the air.  Once again the world has left the cool days and cheerful Yuletide celebrations to enter the romantic atmosphere of February.  Hearts and cupids replaced Christmas trees and stockings. Hallmark cards of love flood the alleys of every book store. Red heart‐ shaped balloons can be seen in abundance.

Why all the fuss?

Valentines Day is fast approaching.  Valentines Day is the perfect time to be in love. It’s the season exclusively for lovers.  It’s the sweet event of kisses and lip locks, of holding hands and warm hugs, of ‘I love you’s’ and love‐ making, of dinner dates and blind dates, and chocolates and red roses. Valentines Day carries loads of surprises. It’s the day when we dream of our perfect partner, the one day of the year we don't want to be left alone.

But there are people who want to skip the 14th of February. Because pain and betrayal has turned their taste for love to bitter or stale memories. It is sad but the butterflies that had once flocked their tummies were gone.  They have lost the zsa zsa zsu that Sarah Jessica‐ Parker talked about in the television episode of Sex and the City.

Zsa zsa zsu is the tight feeling in your stomach when you’re anxious over something‐‐‐ in a good way, that is.  It’s the dizzy excitement one feels when a girl meets a boy, or vice versa, that joyous anticipation that something fantastic is about to spark between the two of them. It usually comes on the first dates, the getting‐to‐know‐you part of a new relationship.

It is worth the risk

It’s a one shot deal though. It’s a risk one has to take. After all, getting yourself into a relationship is life‐ changing.   Anyone who has really felt love can attest that this wonderful feeling kind of lingers, which makes any risk of possible disappointment well worth it.

Who knows, one can find true love through zsa zsa zsu. It may turn the bitter taste of love into something very sweet, and the stale taste into something very exquisite.


So to all the young at hearts out there and anyone who has been hurt because of loving, come on, give yourself another chance to be happy. Let the butterflies take flight inside your tummies once more. Experience the feeling of giving and receiving your own sweet love.