Sunday - Sep 27, 2020

8 Gorgeous and Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

It's June again. That means it's the ultimate month to tie the knot. If you're up to soon become a bride, remember that what adds to the flare to the entire "blushing bride" look is not only the dramatic bridal gown. Every little detail counts. You have to consider the makeup, the accessories, and most especially, the hairstyle. Have you decided what do will bring out the best in you on your wedding day? Let this article help. Here we list down gorgeous hairstyles perfect for specific personalities.

  1. The Classic. If you're the chic who digs classic stuff for their preserved elegance and has Grace Kelly as a fashion icon, then you must definitely have the braided chignon with a Chopard tiara hairstyle on your wedding day. Make sure everything is clean and tucked as much as possible. To do that, you can follow the shape of the headpiece. That also gives you the maximum impact. Sculp the hair according to the headpiece. Braid at the nape of the neck just so the tiara's end will meet right at the middle of the bun.
  1. The Flower Girl. If you're the chic who likes to keep it sweet, fragrant, and fun, you can pull off fresh flowers as a floral crown. Let your hombre hair down because it will definitely give a bohemian vibe for a laid-back beach wedding. The tricky part is keeping the crown in place. What you need to do is backcomb the top of your hair. Tease it. With a teased hair bobby pins have something more to hold on to. Even a strong breeze won't take the crown off your beautiful head.
  1. The Prim. If you like things polished and formal and you have an elaborate wedding gown to wear, you can definitely pull off a regal up do. To start off, tie your hair into a clean ponytail. Make sure it's sleek and tight. Apply your favorite hair polish for extra shine. Sculpt a braided bun and coil it around. If your hair is not as long, use extensions so the proportions will be epic. Afterwards spray a generous amount of hairspray for a strong hold. It's a look fit for a queen.
  1. The Romantic. If your man always tells you that it's your sweet, fun charm that threw off his guard, you have to pull off the tousled low chignon. It will still keep up with the formal theme but it's a hairstyle that's also sweet, fun, and charming all at the same time. If you don't want to have a sleek hairdo on your wedding, this style would be best especially when you're not afraid to add texture to your whole frame. It's absolutely perfect for an autumn wedding. Make sure your hair is well shampooed and conditioned before you style. What you need to do is make it wavy and ruffled with the use of a flat iron. Pin it all together to a low chignon at the nape of your neck. Your overall look will definitely make your groom fall in love with you over again.
  1. The “Always on the Go”. If you’re known to be light on your feet because you want to move a lot with no fuss, try a simple yet elegant ponytail on your wedding day. What you need to do to make it still look as elegant, tie your hair up all the way to the crown. Curl the tip softly to make it look bouncy and fun. It’s a look that goes back to the playful little girl inside you. 
  1. The Beach Babe. If the ocean is your brother and you want to celebrate your Big Day on the shores, you can braid your hair sideways to give you that romantic curls without the usual long waves. This hairstyle is perfect for shoulder-length manes. It only requires a lot of bobby pins and a lot of hairsprays.
  1. The 60’s chic. If you’re in love with the elegant volumes of 60’s hairstyles, you can pull it off on your wedding day. To get the lift, apply a generous amount of mousse on your damp hair. Blow it and use a boar bristle hairbrush.  Set your hair in large Velcro rollers to add extra volume. Gently brush the lengths as you remove the rollers. As to the crown, tease the hair with a fine-tooth comb. Pull the hair back and tie it into a mid-height ponytail.  Backcombed the base. Create a tucked chignon as you pin the ends of the pony underneath. This hairstyle is picture perfect from every angle.
  1. The Strong Feminist. Pull off a slick and architectural hair loop on your wedding day. It’s a very feminine hairstyle. Part your hair from the side deeply. To have a very secure ponytail, use a bungee band instead of the regular elastic. Tie your hair up all the way to the occipital bone instead on the base of the neck so you’ll have more room for the tuck and roll loop. To make your hair extra shiny, apply a mega firm hold gel with a spritz of shine enhancing spray.