Saturday - May 18, 2024

Do You Use Cloud Computing?


As an executive and or business owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your team will have the best computers, applications, and or programs so they can perform their job efficiently. Procuring top computer brands is not enough; you have to make sure that your business runs the best software so you can keep up with your competitors.   If you have the finest applications, you can deliver a quick and competent service to your clients. Thus, having a flexible and low-cost IT platform is a must-have, no wonder more and more companies is now moving into cloud computing.

The term cloud computing was once an alien word to many but slowly it is now becoming a household name.  Cloud computing refers to a rapid access to IT resources through the internet using pay-as-you-go pricing.  Instead of buying and installing expensive software for the computer, you will only use one application.  The users will have to log in into the Web-based service where they can run email programs, computing, word processing, accounting and other complex analysis programs. This is how enterprise cloud computing works and it is now rapidly changing the computer industry. Through this system, business owner can reduce IT costs, save on capital expenditures, allows room for business growth, acquire  more flexible system, have a faster deployment, easier access, and reach global clientele.

Reduce IT Costs. Through cloud computing, companies can reduce their IT operational costs. Cloud service providers offer multiple pricing that allows the consumers to choose business applications that suits their business needs. It lowers on-going IT costs and allows executives to spend a fraction of the costs vis-à-vis acquiring a traditional IT infrastructure.

Save on Capital Expenditures. Procuring an IT infrastructure is costly because you need an office space, server, cooling equipments, and a team of IT experts to run it.  Doing all these activities can be time-consuming and expensive, as well.   Purchasing software licenses, installing it, configuring it in each and every computer is slow and tedious process.  It may take time before you can ensure that all things are running smoothly. But with cloud computing, you can skip this process.  Instead of consuming your time on these activities, you have the power to choose what resources you need and then keep it running as you want it to.  No need for up-front investment saving your capital expenditures which you can use in other projects.

Helps Business Grow. In this system, you will have a significant shift in workload.   Cloud computing helps you to focus on how to grow your business.  You do not need to worry about IT infrastructure and on the operational costs.  You only need to focus on the projects that matters.  You have more time to plan on how you can become more competitive and how you can differentiate your business to your competitors.

Flexibility. Cloud computing helps your business to become more flexible considering the ever-changing needs of your consumers.  If you procure software that is not applicable to your business, you will end up with idle resources having limited capacity.   Knowing what exactly your customer needs is not easy.  It is a trial-and-error process. In this system, it is easier for you to determine and change business application that is not feasible in your business.  With cloud, you have full control on what resources you need, you can scale-up or you can stop paying for applications that you no longer need.

Faster Deployment. In a traditional infrastructure it may take several weeks before you can keep the entire system up and running.  As you need to order, wait for delivery, install, and configure the system in your office.  With Cloud computing, you can run your system in minutes.  It is a self-service environment that allows you to choose business applications that your team needs. It also allows you to experiment on business applications and find the perfect app that suits your needs.

Easy Access. With cloud computing system, it will be easier to access the data and applications from anywhere in the world at anytime you needed. As long as there is an internet, your staff can do their work. Data is not confined to a hard drive or to the company’s internal network.

Go Global. Installing a traditional infrastructure may not be able to deliver a greater performance in reaching wider target audience considering that it is located on one geographical area.  With Cloud computing, it will be easier for your business to have potential customers from different parts of the world.  Cloud service providers are geographically located around the world which helps you to have better IT experience at a minimal cost. 

Cloud computing helps your business to drive sales. Instead of buying expensive and traditional IT infrastructures which needs servers, office space, storage, and team of experts to run it, cloud architecture allows you to skip these activities.   You will have more time to focus on projects that will help your business grow.  With enterprise cloud system, small business owners can also compete with larger companies.  As they can run and grow their business network with no up-front investment, low-IT costs and reliable IT resources.