Saturday - May 18, 2024

Understanding Women’s Shoe Addiction

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“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.” – Oprah Winfrey

Fashion conscious women of different age and backgrounds, of different race and beliefs, all share one thing in common: the mania for gorgeous looking shoes. Collecting shoes of different styles can be an obsession, some would argue it is akin to a disease. Women around the world can never get enough stylish shoes.

Imelda Marcos, Cristina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, and Danielle Steel are reported to have  a collection of shoes in their closets in excess of 750 fact Paris Hilton is said to have lost count, but she thinks it is in excess of 2000 pairs. It seems absurd, but  many women share this obsession.  For the rich and famous having an addiction to shoes is not necessary a problem but for women balancing a budget it can mean that other more practicle necessities  have to be put aside.  This is when a shoe obsession becomes an affliction and  like any other affliction should be addressed, but can it be cured?

Addiction to shoes

Everyday, a new design of shoes is born. Every week, shoe boutiques are flooded with the latest trend. Each pair of shoes is designed  for style, for comfort, for durability, for variations, or for any other reason.  Shoes are created to cater the frenzy  of the most natural shoppers in the world – women. Whatever each woman needs or wants from shoes are always made available.

Women’s shoes can be equated to men’s cars. Both are inexplicable. Why are women so franatic with a simple accessory such as the shoe? According to, the annual footwear industry revenue is in the area of $48 billion. Shoes make women feel beautiful and special and this kind of satisfying feeling is priceless.

When a men breaks a woman’s heart, her shoes are there to accompany her on her lonely journey, giving her confidience and comfort. When the world closes doors,  shoes can brazen her spirit, giving her inspiration to carry on. When it seems that  everyone  is shoving extreme responsibilities at her, the shoes give her a variety of choice, allowing her to expand her thinking, to make her feel free. And when everything around her seems so ugly, her shoes give her a sense of style and beauty.

Types of shoes

Shoes offer a wide array of styles to choose from : high-heels, stilettos, pumps, wedges, kitten-heeled, sneakers, boots, mules, sling backs,  espadrilles, unisex, athletic, orthopedic, ballet, pointe, jazz, ballroom shoes and the list goes on and on.

All of these shoes are designed distinctively, each to entice a woman and please her cravings. Some are made of the finest materials like imported leathers and diamonds; others are created with satin and faux leather but all are  unique because of the selection of exquisite colors.

A new pair is the key to her heart

If you are not in the position to buy your woman gold or diamonds, there is another option that is sure to win her heart. it is said that home cooked, delicious food is the key to a man’s heart, the key to women’s heart can be a new pair of gorgeous footwear. This gift, when given will love  will surely make you the champion of her life.

There are some points to remember when purchasing shoes for your one and only :

  1. Know her style. Is your woman the diva type? Then buy her a fabulous pair of high heels, preferably red or black in color embellished with sparkle
  2. Know her size. Look through her wardrobe and measure the size of her shoes.
  3. Tag along with her when she goes out  window-shopping. Every shoe obsessed women can't resist dropping  by at her favorite shoe store.
  4. When all else fails,  give her a gift card for her favorite shoe boutique.

Curing shoes addiction

If your shoe addiction seems out of control, it is time for intervention – there are steps you can take to overcome your addiction. 

  1. Ask the REAL purpose of owning  so many pairs of shoes.
  2. Be rational, think clearly why you want to spend $1,500 on  another pair of crippling, uncomfortable shoes  when you have so many.
  3. Identify your danger times when you are likely to shop for shoes
  4. Stay away from your favourite shoe boutique 
  5. Acknowledge how fashion shoes can deform your feet – wearing high heel shoes can shorten the muscles in your calves which puts you at risk of experiencing pain as you grow older
  6. Reach out for a support system, someone who knows you and has your interest at heart.
  7. Don't forget to reward yourself for your progress, but of course not shoes,  how about something simple like chocolate?


Nobody is saying you shouldn't wear and enjoy beautiful shoes, just keep the number in your closet at a sensible level. Shoe obsession is the same as any other obsession,  when it gets to the stage of running your life, it is time you  become serious about eliminating the problem.   Don't let your desire for style run your life and more importantly ; Don't cripple your feet, after all your feet are literally the base of your body.