Saturday - May 18, 2024

Meet Pepper, The Robot That Reads Your Emotions


A company named Softbank, located in Japan, has been making robots for a while, but are now going for a more affordable model that offers unprecedented features. Robots are slowly being introduced into our lives by this kind of company, but this model is set to fulfill a whole different range of objectives.

Meet Pepper. Announced on June 5th 2014,  this communicative robot aims to serve either as a companion or as a friend as you work and perform your daily activities. The robot has a wide understanding of the japanese language, but its listening capacities are brought to a whole new other level compared to other models.

Pepper is indeed capable of recognizing tone and feeling. This makes him more suitable to become a sort of assistant for lonely people who struggle at work, with things such as creativity and inspiration most would assume.

Technologically advanced and adaptive

This companion will understand emotions and react to them. Beside its obvious cuteness, Pepper should be able to inform you on your state and put you right back in the mood with dancing, by telling jokes or using other methods.

The technology inside this robot is impressive as it owns an app system that people will enjoy, as well as both face recognition and voice recognition abilities. His artificial intelligence is located both locally and in the clouds. The clouds allow the robot to become more intelligent through a web connection.

All these previously mentioned features aim to work together to accomplish all sorts of tasks and make all sorts of suggestions. If the owner smiles or frowns, the robot will take it in as a sign of appreciation or the opposite, and will be able to adapt its actions accordingly.

An affordable robot with new goals

Softbank aims to be making this robot anything but intimidating: a cute look, human-like gestures, an overall curative feel to it and 4 feet tall so that he still knows you're the master. The robot weights 60 pounds and could apparently take care of children, which is a feature that has yet to be fully displayed in action.

The breaking news in the case of this robot by Softbank is how affordable and close to completion this project actually is. Intended for a release at just about $2000, Pepper should truly be a consumer-level type of product that will be able to please the curative and companionship needs of today's aging population.

This robot comes right in line with what people will be looking for in this era of isolation and where the loneliness of computer work could become one of the main problems affecting our productivity.