Monday - Jul 26, 2021

What You Must do in a Gym to Achieve Your Goals

gym bad habit

When you look around a gym it's always easy to notice that a lot of people are not really there to work out.  If the objective is to get fit, they could better  have stayed at home or jogged around the block.  Instead of working out, some get busy making noise, gossiping with friends/colleagues or passively as they rolling over the treadmill read the day’s newspaper.   It is often only the die hard body builders that display any serious change in their body after spending time inside a gym.

Of course we can't blame those who engage in distraction activities as soon as they walk into the gym. The fact that they came to the gym in the first place means that they already have the intention to work out which is actually the most important item that one needs to have-intention. So what happens once they get to the gym? Well, there could be many answers to this. But most important is to correct the distraction habit and ensure that time in the gym is well utilized in order to achieve the goal in mind.

In other words there must be a better way to do it and keep the body fit & trimmed. Let's now look at what you have to do in a gym in order to capture the essence of being there. Don't worry if you had already lost conviction with the gym, here is an opportunity to get back in a better style.

Walk into the gym with a defined goal- before you walk in the door of a gym, you must have a clear goal of what you need to achieve. Be it losing weight or building muscles, it must be clicking in your mind. Having a defined goal will help you to decide the exercises you will give precedence (you need different approaches to lose weight or accumulate muscles). It is always interesting though to realize that some people will go to the gym because their friends are also going. So they do not have goals and no wonder their weight seems to augment every day despite the regular visits to the fitness centre. Do not be like them, set a goal and go out to achieve it.

Be consistent- today’s lifestyle piles a lot of burden on everyone. You have to take your child to school, attend conferences, be at work, do shopping and see the doctor. You are exhausted at the end of the day and just want to retire to bed as soon as you get home. Working out at the gym starts with a commitment that requires fulfillment to the latter. Make a definite weekly schedule, say 3-days in a week, to go for the exercises. It's a tough sacrifice that is guaranteed to pay in the end.

Woman with her TrainerYou will need the help of a trainer- the super-fit people you find at the gym once did not know what they needed to do to shed off extra fat or add those appealing muscles. But with the help of a trainer, they are now on their own with the equipment. They know their way around every machine and how to get the best out of them. The expert input of a trainer is paramount. Most fitness centers offer professional trainer services which you can always take advantage of. The trainer will teach you the basics and set you free the moment you feel like you can take the bull by the horns.

Take less everyday- professional athletes will brag the three set obsession. This is something you do not need as a starter. In fact, one set of exercise for up to half an hour is perfectly enough. You do not need a lot of weight that is going to hurt your muscles and put you in pain tomorrow. In other words, less is more and you will keep taking it for longer. You will find it easy to come for more exercise tomorrow if you make your routine less tedious.

Man Performing a Full Bosy Warm upWarm up, rest and split your routine- Refrain from commencing your daily exercise by running on the treadmill; it’s a bad idea. Five-to–ten minutes on the elliptical will be great to kick you off. Once you start, take frequent breaks to avoid straining your muscles. Staying in one position for long may do more harm to your body. Give it a break and regain the energy to move on. To allow time for every activity, split your activities into three or more phases with resting in between each.

Six-to-nine machines should be your limit- machines are considered better than free weights if you are just starting. Take at least 6 machines and at most 9. Never rest between machines, because you will most likely shrink the upshot on your proper form. Less than six or more than nine machines can easily take away the benefits you may have worked so hard to gain.

Rotational approach is lauded as best- you have seen people with very broad chests but with gangly lower body parts. They go to the gym and only concentrate on their upper bodies. You need a balance, which is so easily attained by rotating among the upper, middle and lower body parts.

Muscles come in groups, work them up together- the arms, chest, shoulders and the back are always worked out together. You can lift or take on the machines slowly to transmit the full advantage to all muscles. Extremely fast and slow paces will surely drive out the gain in your muscles.

Man and Woman on a Sauna BathA swimming pool or sauna is great- once you are sweating down and feeling the heat on your body, it is time to call it a day. There is no better way to cool off than jumping into a pool or a sauna. Be sure to create enough time for rest and comfort, for the gym days.

Eat well- experts advise consumption of more vegetables and fruits rather than protein-based foods. You do not need loads of proteins in your meals unless you are an elderly citizen who needs to supplement protein.

If you skip the gym, find something equivalent to do- sometimes it will be impossible to make it to the gym. Jog around your compound or take a few walks up and down the stairs. You do not need to lose the advantage you have gained by doing nothing at all.

You can now make a turn-around of your gym efforts. Take time to practice each tip and claim the perfect form for your body. Start each day with a goal and end with a balanced diet on your table.