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Men who have terrible grades earn more than women

men better than women

Teachers and parents tell students to study hard and achieve good grades which will lead to a higher income after  graduation. They are right, there is no doubt that it is important to strive for good grades, but high grades  are not the only factors that guarantee a high pay cheque. Gender plays a crucial role in earning big money in your career or job.

According to a study conducted by the University of Miami, students have a better chance of making more money through out their career if they achieve high grades. However, the study also found  that gender is more important than grades when it comes to greater earnings. According to the study, a woman with a GPA of 4.0  still earns less than a man with a GPA of 2.5. The study involved interviews and high school transcript records from 10,000 students.

Women get better pay bump percentage compared to men. Men who get a one-point increase in their GPA can expect a 11.85 percent raise in their yearly income. Women, on the other hand, can expect 13.77 percent increase in their annual income as they achieve a one-point increase in their GPA. Despite this upper hand in the salary bump, women still don’t have higher incomes than men because the base pay of females starts way lower than male.

This study is proof that women on average earn less than men, even if they have the same grades and qualifications. That salary gap begins at the beginning of a woman's career and widens as she progresses in the workforce..

Could discrimination be the reason?

A major reason for the salary gap is the unconscious or conscious discrimination that a woman can experience in the workplace.  For this reason most women are attracted to jobs that have lower pay rate, like health care, education and other service sectors. According to experts, women are not exposed to higher paying jobs ever since they were young. Social and traditional norms tend to categorize them away from jobs as an engineer, architect, and technology. There are some who argue that most of the traditional female occupations have lesser pay rates simply because these job positions are mostly made up of women. 

Women are losing money due to pay gap

On average, for every dollar a man earns, a woman earns only 77 cents. It may only be 23 cents, but that translates to an $11,000 yearly income gap between men and women. For black and Latina women, this pay gap is even lower. This wide gap has a big effect on women’s families, since 40% of the households in America that has children depend on women as the main source of income. It is estimated  American women afford 3,000 less gallons of gas, 13 less months of rent, 91 less weeks of food supply for their families compared to their male counterpart over their working life.   With this statistics, it is to no surprise that equal pay is the leading issue for women in the country. AAUW executive director and CEO Linda D. Hallman, CAE said, women lose $400,000 for the entire duration of their work life.

Pay Check Fairness Act 2014

It is widely thought that one of the best ways to bridge this ever widening gap in pay inequality betweem men and women in the work place, is to have the Pay Check Fairness Act 2014 passed.  This bill is an extenson of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which states that it is illegal not to pay women and other workers equal salary for equal work.


Despite having higher education, advanced degrees, and even better work experience, most women are still paid less in the corporate world; many don't realize and some simply accept the situation, This is according to  research conducted by the Association of American Universities, which is an international organization of 60 leading research facilities in America and 2 in Canada.  It seems we are no closer to bridging the male / female equality gap in spite of the 50 years passage of time.