Tuesday - Jan 26, 2021

Weight loss tips for Men over 40

men after 40

In their youth, most men easily lose weight with their active lifestyle and fast metabolism.

Unlike women, men do not have so many hormonal issues that affect weight loss. However, because men have few major hormonal issues, it makes is more difficult for men to shed the extra weight as they grow older. Hormonal issues that affect how men lose weight include the decrease in testosterone level, weaker muscle mass, and slower metabolism.

The effect of aging

According to researches, testosterone levels decrease due to age and it leads to a decline in muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active compared to fat tissues. This means, lean muscle mass burns more calories than any other tissue in the body. Burning fats will be harder if your muscle mass decrease.

There are studies that show weights gain because of inevitable aging, while other studies show that the weight gain can be minimized by living an active lifestyle.

Same strategies are effective strategies

The main strategies to lose weight are the same no matter what your age is. However, as you grow older, there are certain considerations that must be taken into accounts you follow these procedures.

Strategy # 1. Know the health risks associated with the fats that are building around your waist. Some health risks associated to your weight gain include heart diseases. You should go to your doctor for your regular check up and ask questions about the health risks concerning your weight gain. The health risks may be an inspiration enough to lose that excess weight if you plan to live longer.

Strategy # 2. It is not the weight, but the body composition that matters. Look for a way to determine your overall body fat percentage and strive hard to achieve more fat-free mass. This way, you can have an active lifestyle and have a healthy metabolism. To measure your body fat composition, you can try the DEXA scanning for full dual x-ray on the composition of your body. You can also use the US Navy measurement or the YMCA measurement methods. You can also only use a calliper and clip your fat then check the scale to know your body fat percent.

Strategy # 3. To have a better body fat percent, the best thing to do is build muscle. To maintain a healthy weight, resistance training must be done all through out your life. There are other people who can easily lose weight even as they age. These people usually eat less or do a lot of cardiovascular exercises. Maintaining muscle mass is the best way to keep the body lean and healthy.

Strategy # 4. Building muscle gives you a healthier and leaner body. But for a healthy pumping heart, you should do enough aerobic exercises. This means you have to do 150 to 250 minutes worth of aerobics every week. You should also vary the duration of your aerobic exercises to achieve a stronger body to maintain an active lifestyle.

Strategy # 5. If being less active contributes greatly to weight gain, then it is best to increase your body’s daily activity by incorporating functional training. This training is not just about strengthening your muscles; instead it will enhance the coordination between your brain and your muscles so that the body will function better.

Strategy # 6. As people grow older, they tend to lapse in their daily health routines. Sometimes they sleep too late in the night just to finish a deadline. A lack of sleep leads to bad eating decisions in the morning, which will lead to weight gain. Other people drink too much alcohol as they grow older. The liver will work twice as hard to cleanse the body from alcohol. This means, the rest of the bad substances from the other food we eat may not be properly cleansed by the body, which also leads to weight gain. To maintain a lean and fit body, make sure you maintain those healthy habits even as you age.

Strategy # 7. Evaluate your relationships. If your sex life with your wife has changed because of your weight, then you must be inspired to work out and be fit. If your excess weight hinders you from taking part with the family activities, use it as your main motivation to lose that shameful extra weight.

Strategy # 8. Losing weight is not just about physical activities; it is also emotional. You must have a positive mindset if you plan to achieve that ideal body. If you keep a very negative mindset and you doubt that you will lose weight, then you probably won’t. You must have a positive outlook to have the resolve to maintain the routine you are following despite not seeing any effects yet. Sometimes you negative attitude stops you from taking the first step to weight loss. Also, a negative attitude leads to depression, which leads to binge eating and sloth and ultimate weight gain. With the right approach, you will lose all your excuses to lose weight, even your age.