Sunday - Oct 17, 2021

Myth or Fact: Less shampooing can make hair oily?


Is your hair oily?  Do you often wonder what cause the greasiness of your hair?  If you use a little shampoo will it make your hair oily?

Did you know that using a shampoo daily is not good for your hair and scalp?  If you wonder why your hair always looks greasy all the time, blame it on your daily shampoo usage.  So the question earlier, whether using less shampoo can make your hair oily is a MYTH.

A lot of people suffer from greasy hair and or an oily scalp.  More often than not, they think that the solution to their problem is to regularly wash their hair with shampoo believing that it could help reduce the greasiness. What they don’t know is that daily shampooing actually caused the oiliness of their hair.

When you regularly wash your hair with shampoo, what happen is, you strip off the natural oils and nutrients that your hair needs to look healthy and gorgeous.  Too much shampooing can cause more damage to your hair.  It can cause dryness of the scalp, brittle hairs, less shine and hair that is prone to damage.

Choosing not to wash your hair, may seem a crazy idea for you.    But what if you try to skip using shampoo once in a while so it can help you slow down the production of oil?  Less shampooing could help you have a healthier and gorgeous hair.

Skipping your daily shampoo routine may seem hard for you at first.  But when you practice it, and continue doing the routine, you will get use to it in no time.  Remember that a few days without using shampoo can actually make your hair more gorgeous and healthier.  You will also enjoy having a shiny and grease-free hair that you always wanted ever since.

If you are wondering how you will go on about it. Here is a simple guide for you on how you can do it for the next four days.

First Hair Day

Do your daily hair routine.  Wash it with your favourite shampoo and conditioner; you may also use other hair products that you use before like hair sprays or volumizers.    Whatever products that you think can help you get the volume and or texture of hair that you wanted.

Second day

Taking a bath is a must, so you can have a refreshing day all day long.  But here’s the catch, on the second day you will not wash your hair.  Instead, you can use a shower cap to protect your hair from getting wet.  After taking a bath, you can now style your hair.  You may also use dry shampoo and or powder if you think that your hair still looks oily. 

When you use a powder, put a small amount only on your scalp.  If you put too many powder, your hair may turn white and a lot of people may ask you, why your hair look like that.  Comb your hair so you can spread it on equal amounts.  You can also use your fingers to spread it evenly on the roots of your hair.

Third Day

On the third day, you may go away with using dry shampoo.  If you can’t do this then use lesser amount of dry shampoo.  You may opt to have a different hair style today. You may use pony tail or put your hair up.  Try to figure out, how you can style your hair wherein you don’t need to show it off. 

Fourth Day

If you do not have work on weekends, try to schedule the fourth day to fall on weekends.  You may again skip shampooing so you can have a hat day, where you can just go out and wear hat and people won’t see your hair.

But if you feel that it is too much for you and you feel that your hair badly needs a shower, you can go on and wash your hair, as you did on the first day.

Try to use warm water not hot water in washing your hair.  Warm water helps prevents your hair to get oily.  When using a conditioner, apply it only on the lower half of your hair up to the ends.  Better not to use conditioner on the upper half, because the root of your hair is already an oily part.  If you apply a lot of conditioner on the upper half of your hair, you may strip off the roots of your hair making it more prone to breakage.  You may also use a blow dryer but make sure to set it on cool air, so you won’t damage your hair. 

Doing this routine, can help you have a more gorgeous and healthier hair. No oiliness and no-greasy hair.  Less shampooing can help you prevent having an oily hair.  First few days may be hard for you, particularly if you get use to your daily routine.  But if you do it regularly, it will become part of your system and eventually you will get use to it.  The catch is now you know how to make your hair less oily.