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Are You Feeling Guilty Over a Cup of Coffee?

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Can you live a day without drinking coffee? Many of us can't.   Starting your day with a hot cup of  your favourite coffee  seems to put a spring in your step which can last  the whole day. But there are times when the guilt pangs can override the high feeling.  This is brought on by the idea that coffee is bad for your health.  Have you ever wondered what could be the possible health effects of drinking coffee?

Through the years, scientist and researchers keep on studying whether regular coffee consumption is good or bad for people’s health.  Most people think that drinking coffee is a bad habit because it contains caffeine.  But one should note that coffee contains a number of compounds not just caffeine that have various effects on your health in general.

Coffee has some health benefits

There may be precautions in consuming several cups of coffee each day, but it won’t be a loss to know the potential benefits of drinking coffee. Several research journals have been published tauting the health benefit of coffee.  Studies show that some coffee lovers have reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.  There are also fewer cases of having cardiovascular diseases, strokes, liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s and certain types of cancer like liver and breast cancer.  These health benefits come from drinking moderate amounts of caffeine, it is not recommended to drink excessive quantities.

How Coffee can limit the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes?

A 2005 study reveals that drinking six to seven cups of coffee a day can lower the risks of having Type 2 diabetes by as much as 35% compared with non-coffee drinkers and 28% lower for those who drink four to six cups a day. There were 193,000 participants from US and Europe who were included in the said research.  A similar study was conducted by researchers from Australia and the result showed that drinking an additional cup of coffee daily can lower the risk of having Type 2 diabetes by nearly 7%.

Reduced the Chance of Having Liver Cancer

In a journal published by Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology in 2013, they reported that drinking three cups of coffee a day can limit the risks of having liver cancer by 50%. The study involved 3,200 patients from 16 different researches. Another recent study also reveals that persons who drink one to three cups of coffee in a day have a 29% reduced chance of getting liver cancer as compared to occasional drinkers.  Likewise, people who drink four to six cups a day have 42% less chance of having liver cancer.

Prevents Stroke

Drinking at least one cup of coffee a day could prevent the occurrence of stroke according to  the Journal of American Association.  There were 34,670 women who drink at least one  cup of coffee a day who participated in the said study.  The findings showed that women who consume coffee had 25% reduced chance of suffering a stroke. Though, the study was conducted in women, the researchers stressed that it has almost the same effect for male participants.

Coffee as Possible Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease which was published in 2010, coffee can be used as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s.  The researchers gave caffeinated coffee to mice which had been genetically controlled to have Alzheimer’s disease. The result showed that those mice that were given coffee had a slow progression of Alzheimer’s and some did not have any occurrence of the disease.   They also concluded that coffee can  improve brain function as was shown in  the controlled mice study.

Prevents the Occurrence of Breast cancer

Aside from liver cancer, scientist also believed that coffee can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.  The Journal of Breast Cancer Research published a paper reporting women who drink five cups of coffee a day or more, have 57% reduced risks of contracting breast cancer.  Coffee helps prevent the development of an estrogen receptor for breast cancer.  There were 2,818 women who had breast cancer and 3,111 women without the cancer who participated in the research. The result showed that coffee has protective properties against the development of receptors for breast cancer.

Coffee is not as bad as once thought

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee is not necessarily detrimental to one’s health but you should also look into the other lifestyle factors that may contribute to the possible onset of illness or disease.
The past researches conducted on the health benefits of coffee have provided scientist with an enormous amount of  data regarding the health perks of drinking coffee.   The good seems to outweigh the bad effects.  Thus, the next time you feel guilty in drinking coffee, keep in mind that there are scientifically proven studies that shows the possible health benefits that you can get from coffee. 

Remember, all things that are taken in moderation is good, too much of something is what makes it bad for your health.
Studies are not conclusive

The Department of Nutrition of Harvard School of Public Health stressed that the research studies conducted on the potential health benefits of coffee are active and on-going studies that needs further confirmation.  

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