Saturday - Jun 19, 2021

Greatest weight loss tip ever – has nothing to do with exercise or diet

Woman eating fruits dessert with iPhone 4s in hands

You don’t have to spend long gruelling hours in the gym just to lose weight. You can simply use your iPhone or your computers to shed off that unwanted fat.

How? According to a recent study, over-exposure to pictures of certain food can help you not want to eat that food anymore because you will enjoy it less as you eat it.

Satiation and its magic

This overloaded stimulation of your senses is called satiation. This theory can be used to help you control yourself when it comes to eating. Satiation can help you turn off your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Here is how it works. For example, if you are a sucker for ice cream and you just can’t seem to stop yourself from eating eat, you can use satiation to control yourself. Look at images of your favourite ice cream for long periods of time repeatedly. This way, you will lose the craving to ice cream and avoid giving in to that guilty pleasure.

The science of satiation

There is a research that shows images you see on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that have a big influence on your decisions regarding what you want to eat.

According to the University of Liverpool’s 24 studies, people can use their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to lose their unwanted weight.

This new theory deviates from the traditional weight loss programs that are taught by fitness gurus, books and websites, where you have to develop a drastic change in your mentality and overall attitude of self-discipline, which are somehow impossible to attain. In the satiation theory, you can lose weight by simply looking at images of certain foods.

This new theory takes advantage of the visual sensory stimulation functions of the brain and harnessing them for your weight loss benefits.

According to University of Liverpool’s study, food memory can also provide you with the same sensation that satiation gives, where your cravings for particular foods will be turned off.

According to the study, by remembering the food you have eaten for the day, your body sends signals to your brain that you are already full. This way, you can avoid eating too much.

Getting distracted from various factors can also lead to over-eating. If you are watching too much TV, surfing the internet for long hours, reading, doing work and listening to the radio while eating, you wont be aware of how much food you are eating, which may lead to eating too much food.

Effective tips to make it work

Based on satiation and how your brain responds to certain images, here are some tips you can follow to lose weight:

  1. Decide which food you want to cut out. Look for the food that you consider as you weakness, like ice cream, cake, and chocolate. These foods contribute to your weight gain and are very healthy to your body. You can do this easier by simply looking at images of these foods and trick your brain into thinking it is already full, making you not crave for these foods anymore.
  2. Don’t cut out all of the food you consider as weakness simultaneously. Just gradually take out one food every week. You can choose to cut off first the food that has the most impact to your weight gain.
  3. A can of Coca-Cola has 10 teaspoons of sugar, while beer has a high level of bad cholesterol. You should also cut out the beverages that cause your weight gain. You can repeatedly look at images of these beverages to increase your satiation level. This way, unhealthy beverages will look less appealing for you.
  4. Use your mobile device to lose weight. You can save delicious pictures of the food or beverages you consider as your weakness in your smartphone or Android phone. Create a photo album in your mobile device to have a portable flashcard of the food that will make you gain weight. You can even use them as screensavers. This way, you will repeatedly see these images, increasing your satiation level on these foods.
  5. Since remembering the meal you ate earlier during the day helps you feel full, it is best that you keep a food diary. You can jot them down in your notebook or mobile devices, or you can take pictures of them. If you were satisfied with the last food you ate earlier, you will feel full. This way, you won’t crave for more food.
  6. Sometimes people tend to multitask: they eat while they do their computer work, or while they play online games, or simply watch movie. This will make you unaware of the volume of food you have eaten. This will make you eat more food unconsciously. As much as possible, do not eat while facing technology devices. If you want to lose weight, focus on eating and don’t get distracted, especially by technology.