Friday - Aug 12, 2022

Has your face lost it’s glow? You need to Exfoliate


Washing your face with gentle soap and water is a good beauty regimen but it is not enough.  This is especially true as one gets older. When you are younger, the skin sheds  dead epidermis every 25 days but as you reach the age of 30, the process slows down.   If the impurities and excess dirt are not removed, your face may appear dull, even dry and rough to the touch. 

Exfoliating helps remove impurities and give you a glowing and young looking skin.  To look and feel beautiful, you should include exfoliation in your daily routine along with  your regular facial cleansing and moisturizing.

Here are the six proven and effective ways how to slough off the impurities in your face :

Gently Wash your Face with a Soft, Clean Wash Cloth

Actually, you do not need to buy expensive dermatological products to exfoliate your face.  A clean  soft wash cloth can effectivel remove the impurities in your face.  Wash cloth is effective in removing excess dirt, oils and dead skin cells that makes your face look dull and unhealthy.

This is an easy and effective way in making your skin have a youthful glow without spending much.  Just keep in mind that you should always use clean and soft cloth.  You should use the cloth for your face only not on the other parts of your body to avoid infection because rubbing cloths in your skin can easily spread the bacteria.

Use Facial Brush

A soft facial brushe can help you to effectively remove the dirt build up that inevitably forms on your face.   Use the brush once a week, not daily, this is to ensure you do not destroy the  healthy cells on your skin.  Your face is very sensitive to abrasion and infection so it is not recommended to use anything that could irratate your skin.  There is a variety of brushes available in the market place, you can choose from  manual or electric models.  As long as the brush bristles are soft the choice is entirely yours.

Choose the Right Facial Scrub

When choosing a facial scrub be aware of your skin type and make sure to select the best scrub for you.  It is a good idea tochoose a facial scrub with micro beads which is gentle on you skin and will not cause irritation.  

There are also alternative home-made facial scrubs which are gentle on your skin and very  cost effective.  Using   ingredients that are found in most kichen cupboards make wonderful, natural scrubs.

Use Facial Moisturizers

Your skin has to deal with a lot of daily pushiment, such as the UV rays from the sun, pollutants in the air, wind on your face—it  is no wonder it can become dry and dull. Using a facial moisturizer should be part of your daily beauty routine as it helps to keep the upper layer of  skin  hydrated and healthy.   It is essential to choose the right moisturer for your skin type.  A good moisturer should be rich in essential oils and include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

You should avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oils which are petroleum based and will leave  your skin greasy and prone to clogging the pores of your skin.  There are products on the market that contain alcohol and formaldehyde, these should be avoided as they have a tendancy to dry the skin; the exact opposite effect of what you are wanting to achieve by using a moisturizer.

Moisturizing should be part of your daily routine while exfoliating only needs weekly application to keep your glowing.

Consult a Dermatologist

If you have particularly sensitive or problematic skin on your face it is advisable to consult your Dermatologist to get advice about the type of products your should be using.  There are creams on the market containing ingredients which could do your skin type more harm than good.

Before you use any product, make sure to read the labels carefully. If after using a product you notice  any irritation, redness or skin sensitivity—discontinue  using the product immeiately and consult a doctor for treatment.

Have A Chemical Peel

There can come a time when simply using basic skin care products is just not enough—you may   feel that you need a complete beauty revitalization.  If you feel like having a beauty overhaul, you may consider having a chemical peel, but be warned this is a procedure that carries risk and should be carried out be a qualified dermatologist.


There are many ways  to care for the skin on  your face.   The skin care suggestions we offer are effective and proven ways to help you have a softer, younger and smoother skin but be aware that not all skin types are the same and you should be careful what you apply to your skin.