Saturday - Jun 19, 2021

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Onion That You Need to Know

man holding a red onion

There are many benefits that you can get from eating onions. If you are not fond of eating onions, you may have second thoughts after learning the different health benefits that you can get from it.  For a long time, people knew that onions offers a lot of health benefits, but little research has been done about the specific health properties that this amazing vegetable can offer.

Recent studies have shown that onions possess a lot of active compounds that can be beneficial in treating various health conditions. Onions contains a lot of the nutritional highlights that makes it an excellent food choice. In fact, onion is a good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, calcium, chromium, dietary fibers and biotin. It also contains Vitamin K, Vitamin B1 and folic acid.

 A food with 100 grams servings of onion can provide 1.4 grams of fiber and 44 calories that contains mostly complex carbohydrates. Both onions and garlic contains alliinase, an enzyme which is released when it is crushed or cut.  This is the same enzyme that causes watery-eyes when you cut the onions or garlic.

This amazing vegetable also contains flavonoids, which are the pigments that give color to the vegetables.  Flavonoids are a well-known compound because it acts as antioxidant.  It also has a direct anti-tumor effect and contains immune-enhancing properties.

Onions contains high amount of sulfur which is good for the liver. As a rich source of sulfur, it is best to mix it with protein rich foods because this will stimulate the activity of the amino acids which is good for the nervous system particularly on the brain.

In addition, onions are also a rich source of quercitin, a powerful flavonoid antioxidant which is found near the onion’s skin where most of the health properties or benefits of onions are linked.  Quercitin can also be found in red onions, shallots and yellow onion, but it is not found in white onions.  This compound can also help lower cholesterol, raise good or HDL cholesterol, ward off the blood clots, fight chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hay fever, asthma, infections, and atherosclerosis. 

Quercitin is also believed to help in inhibiting the occurrence of stomach cancer. It is also has an antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties so most researchers believed that it has an anti-cancer power. Based on records, the best source of this compound is the onion’s skin.

To get all the health benefits of onions, studies shows that you just need to eat one medium sized onion either cooked or raw per day.  You don’t have to eat lots of onions to reap all the health benefits.


Helps Detoxify Your Body to Ward off Heavy Metals

If you want to detoxify your body, onion is an excellent choice.  The sulfur containing compounds that is present in the onion can provide you with various health benefits.  The sulfur-containing amino acids are also found in garlic and eggs.

Cystine and methionine are the two specific types of amino acid that are well known for detoxifying the body from heavy metals. They can even escort lead, cadmium and mercury out of your body. The Vitamin C content of onions can also help in detoxifying the body and removing arsenic, cadmium and lead.  Thus, researchers recommend increase consumption of onions can help your body to detoxify all the harmful heavy metals.

Onion is Good for Your Heart

To keep you free from blood clots, clinicians advice to eat both cooked and raw onions.  In fact, cardiologist prescribed their patients to eat onions regularly particularly those with coronary heart disease. There are many benefits that your heart can gain from onion such as it helps lower blood pressure, triglycerides level, and your total blood cholesterol. It also helps boost the good or HDL cholesterol, thin your blood and retard the blood clotting.

Potent Against Cancer

The antioxidant component of onions can help prevent cancer by lessening the DNA damage which is caused by oxidants or free radicals.  In laboratory animals, experiments proves that onions and its relatives such as spring onions, scallions, chives, leeks and garlic are rich source of organosulfur compounds that helps prevent cancer. Onion extract was effective in destroying tumor cells that were implanted in the rats.

The remarkable thing about onion extract is that despite containing a potent compound to ward off tumor cells, it is nontoxic so it has no any adverse effect.  Studies also show that shallot contains compounds that can fight leukemia in mice.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Onions can significantly help lower blood sugar levels which is comparable to the action of some prescribed drugs.  It has an active compound that works with insulin to break down the glucose levels in the liver.  This will then help prolong the lifespan of insulin.

Help Treat Asthma

Record shows that onion has been historically used to fight asthma.  It has health properties that are able to inhibit the production of some compounds that causes the spasm and relaxing of the bronchial muscle.

Studies also shows that onion contains potent antibacterial properties that helps destroy various disease causing pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli. Indeed, onion offers an endless health benefits because of its potent anti-bacterial properties. The best thing about onion, is that you don’t have to eat lots of onion to get the all the benefits, one small raw or cooked onion is enough to enjoy its amazing health properties.